When Brian Borkowski stepped away from coaching at a number of schools in the area a few years ago, he decided to try something new.

That "something" turned out to be bartending at Vino Etcetera, a wine bar in Oconomowoc.

"I've been the weekend guy for the past four years with always having a dream of opening a bar," said Borkowski, an Oconomowoc resident for about 15 years.

For the past year, Borkowski and his wife, Laura, looked into possible business ventures. Then two discovered the owner of Vino, Linda Vlasak, planned to sell by the end of 2018.

On Jan. 1, Borkowski took over the establishment. He held a soft opening two days later.

"It's been an awesome journey getting to know the clientele and engaging with all the guests for the past four years," Borkowski said. "I know them, I understand them, and I'm looking forward to providing them a comfortable place they can call home."

Part of the inspiration for owning a bar came from his grandfather, Gene, who owned a bar for more than 40 years

"What my father always told me was the guests didn't always need a drink. They came in to see Grandpa,'" Borkowski said. "That's kind of my motto, if you will. Come in to see me. I want you to come back because you had such a great time with an engaged owner in an innovative and exciting atmosphere."

During the day, Borkowski leads the merchandising team for Kohl's Department Stores, dressing up the stores with...read the rest, here.