Hello and welcome to 2019 Wine Club Members! 

We are excited to kick off the new year with our January wine club tasting, more details coming soon.

Starting in January, you will receive email wine club membership receipts monthly. 

If you did not receive a receipt this month (January), we may need to update our records with your payment information. Stop in or call to provide your payment particulars and receive your next glass on us. 

Your wines will be read for pick-up at the monthly wine club tastings and any time there after in your new cubby area, upstairs. (Stop by and check things out.) 

If you haven't picked up your November or December wines we have those available for you as well.

Also, we are excited to announce updated wine club savings:

Estate Club - 10% off

Cellar Master - 15%off NEW

Grand Chateau - 20% off NEW

Our next wine club tasting is Thursday, January 24th with Carl the wine guy.  

Start time, 6:30PM.  

See you there.